This is just a blog filled with men who excite me. The person(s) above is one of those men.


endless list of horror films - Stephen King’s IT (1990)



Copenhagen, Denmark | Sergio Ortiz Domenech


if i do not see josh peck interviewed by oprah before i die i will not have lived a full life


He is not as other men of this time and whatever be his descent from father to son, by some chance the blood of Westernesse runs nearly true in him; as it does in his other son, Faramir, and yet did not in Boromir whom he loved best.

parks and rec: a summary

    everyone: andy no
    april: andy yes

Get To Know Jim Carrey


iasip meme: [2/4] relationships:
↳ charlie and dennis.

"There’s probably gonna be some dicks out there. But I’ll be there. I’ll back you up, man."
"Thank you."